Dear fellow citizens:

Ground Zero Nuclear Thermal Damage Simualtor
Global Incident Map
Global Incident Map

After the Anthrax scare in Washington, DC, and the deaths of the Twin Towers victims on 9/11/01, I decided to check our government's plans and advice to civilians dealing with future incidents of this nature. As I scanned the U. S. Government websites, I was astounded to discover the information provided on WMD subjects was addressed only to first responders and our military, and even that information was woefully lacking in specifics.

Since most people are neither medically nor militarily trained, my objective was to provide a WMD document with information and advice for my family and the general public. After 18 months of research I enlisted the assistance of my good friend, CWO-4 Jim Mulloy, a highly decorated and knowledgeable Marine, and we produced the non-fiction portion of this book.

The original WMD document then became the inspiration for the dramatic fictional adventure, - WMD Attacks on America!, now the first part of the book.In fact, since the book was finished some of the events and national terrorist alliances depicted have already occurred. We cannot be prepared if we continue to ignore all that is going on in today's world.

Many do not want to believe or accept the consequences of being unprepared for such surreal and horrible events. I hope and pray this book will cause Americans to view these issues with more concern and interest than most have shown thus far; and that we will have survival plans in place to counter any terror strategies unleashed against our country.

Significant evidence already exists that America is under the threat of atomic/nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction from both rogue regimes and national entities such as Iran, North Korea and even China. The United Nations is not going to protect us, and it is up to America to secure our borders against terrorism; and to protect our citizens against anything the Chinese Communists, or the Muslim and Latino terrorists might be planning.

I hope you enjoy the story and its supporting sections, and that it will be an eye opener to leadership officials in our government, the medical community, law enforcement, and our military.

Sincerely and Semper Fi,

Major Frank C. Stolz, Jr. USMC (Ret)