CWO-4 James E. Mulloy, Jr.

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Operation Starlight Republic of Vietnam, 1965

I want to honor the courage and service of three of my Marines!

During the attack on our tank and Amtrac convoy, these three men fought and survived with me. They are LCpl R. K Bruns, LCpl R. S. Pass, and PFC J. M. Reeff. I feel they deserve as much credit, if not more, than I. This is not just trying to appear modest, but my true feeling.

Right from the start of the shooting, I felt I had put them in a bad spot. I had made the decision to join the convoy and at one point I was sure I had led them to their death.

They had never been in a firefight before. But that day they were not just supply Marines, they were Marines. Thank God they fought as hard as they had always worked.

I had two more trips back to Vietnam, and I can honestly say I never served with any better men. I have always felt I carry the medal they earned. I hope their families are as proud of them as I am.

God Bless them!